Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

For the next two weeks, all proceeds from Funky Junky Hats will go to an adoption fund for some dear friends of ours. They received a call about a baby that needs a home, but need to find a way to pay the attorney's fees. Their daughter Sarah loves holding my baby sister, so please held her get a baby sister of her own.
Click here to help Kennedy!

two dancers kissing
photo via Ballet News

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buy Any Funky Junky Hat in the Next Two Weeks and You Can Help Kennedy Get a Home!

Did you know that I have an Etsy shop?


It's called Rosie Daisy.

Here's the description:

Welcome to my little bit of style heaven. I specialize in making one-of-a-kind items from designer fabric for the little people in my life, and I'm happy to share the love with your little people! Right now, my current passion is making funky junky hats based on the Jack and Jill pattern from Izzy and Ivy Designs.

Cute, huh?

Well, these next two weeks, I am giving all of the proceeds to the adoption fund of our good friends. They got a call this week saying that there was a little girl who needed a home. They took up the offer, but need to pay off a significant amount of the attorney's fees. This is your chance to help give an orphan a home.

If you buy any one of my Funky Junky Hats, you can give little Kennedy 25$ towards having a family.

This is Sarah, the family's daughter. She loves holding my baby sister, so you can help her get a baby sister of her own.

Click on the banner above to visit my shop.

Here is some picture of the hats:

Click anywhere on the pictures to see the hats in the shop.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cure (I think) to Pronation

In many ballet classes, dancers are assigned "problems" to work on. Once you work on fixing those for a while, and eventually lose the bad habit, you are assigned another. A few of my previous problems were turning out too much, arching the back, and holding improper alignment.

The day has come. My problem is pronation. Perfect. I have tried and tried, but no matter how hard i work on it, I still pronate. It is impossible for me too demi plie without rolling.

I think I have the solution.

I have some small shoe inserts that I dug out of my closet, and figured they would be good for my back. So, I slipped them in my favorite shoes and started wearing them around. They took a while to get used to, but I wore them from the time that I got up, to the time I went to bed. I didn't take them off at all. I did the same for the next couple days.

Tonight, I took them of and stared doing some demi plies, mindlessly. I realized something was different about them - I wasn't rolling.

I am not saying that this will cure every case of the pronation pox, but it's worth a shot. My arches were so used to being lifted up in the shoes, they just stayed the same when I took them off.

The inserts that I am using are these:

I highly recommend getting a pair of these. Not only can they help solve pronation, but they are very good for your back. I like the 3/4 length, because you can put them in almost any shoe. I love wearing them in my brown and gold AE ballet flats.

Click the link below, and select "Find Powerstep Retailers" under "ProTech 3/4". Fill in your postal code, and distance you are willing to travel to retrieve these life-savers. Then you will see a long list of retailers near you.

Have a long happy journey towards lifted arches!