Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Perricone Giveaway

oh, hello friend is giving away these 3 items from Perricone! These 3 European face products are on Perricone's most popular list. A $150 value!


As ballerinas, our appearance is just as important as our face. An acne-covered face can distract a crowd from a performance, as well as distracting classmates in class. It's important to have a fresh face for ballet, no make-up either.

Go enter the giveaway for a chance to win these 3 products!


  1. Oooh awesome products, although sometimes acne is unpreventable and classmates should be focusing on their work not other people's face. However, it is certainly nice to have as fresh a face as possible!

  2. Unfortunately, acne IS unpreventable most of the time, but we can make it better than it is. I know that a fresh face always keeps me focused throughout the day!