Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

For the next two weeks, all proceeds from Funky Junky Hats will go to an adoption fund for some dear friends of ours. They received a call about a baby that needs a home, but need to find a way to pay the attorney's fees. Their daughter Sarah loves holding my baby sister, so please held her get a baby sister of her own.
Click here to help Kennedy!

two dancers kissing
photo via Ballet News

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  1. Hello.
    Look i would like to have your opinion in one thing, Im 14 and i want to become a professional dancer and i wanna go to The Royal Ballet School and im gonna audition at the end of this but even if i got in it was only for semptember 2012.

    And this summer im going to a summer course in Canada and we can make an audition for this year (begining in semptember) or even they can give us a schoolarship, now my question is if i should accept the schoolarship or do the audition and get more apropriat train for a ballet career and make the audition for the school i want or should i wait and only do the audition for the school i want?
    and remember that i may not got in.
    Can you help me?
    thank you (: