Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I couldn't have said it better myself.

I am so embarrassed about my July post. I will NEVER quit dance and I will try my hardest to NEVER quit Plies. I cannot thank you enough for all of your encouraging comment - I love you all so much!! And for that other dancer...... well, she's 2233.2 miles away. Ancient history.

In the meantime, I will give you a run-down of what has happened since then.

1. I visited with a good friend who I hadn't seen in 8 years
2. I had another bithday
3. School/Ballet started
4. I planned a trip to Disney
5. I auditioned for Cinderella
6. I got the part of one of the stepsisters
7. On September 29, 2011, I made a trip to Dance Fashions Superstore with my ballet teacher to try on none other than.................POINTE SHOES.

Yep, I got my pointe shoes. I haven't even had them for a week. They don't smell bad yet :)

Quick question for experienced dancers: Is it normal for the satin to come off of the toe within the third wear? 'Cause mine did.

Well, are we caught up? I hope so.

I decided to change my theme to Halloween, so I would be obligated to change it in less than a month, ensuring that I will stay connected with Plies :)



  1. Some dancers actually cut the satin off the tips before wearing the shoes to make them less slippery. I wouldn't worry about it coming off so soon, just make sure you cut away the part that is falling off so you don't slip.

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    SOOOO nice to hear from you again! I have missed your posts a lot! Hey, don't worry about that post you did the other month. I'm a ballerina and I go know what you're talking about ..... sometimes you just get sick of it all. Especially is somebody comes up and makes you feel bad about what you do.

    Actually, it was quick encouraging to hear that I'm not the only one who sometimes wants to just run away from it all!

    But as you just said, after a while I come back and then love it again. Like we all do, I'm sure ....

    and ..... CONGRATULATIONS on your part in Cinderella. That's sooo exciting.

    Izi :)

  3. Hello! I'm a new reader, this is the first post of yours I have read, but I'm sure to be reading more! ;) I am a fellow dancer, so I'm sure I'll enjoy your blog!

    Anyways, that's not odd. My last pair of pointe shoes were ripped up quickly, probably by the third or fourth wear, so I don't believe it's odd. My brand new pair are already slightly imperfect because of trying them on to sew on the ribbons and such!


  4. What brand do you have? Some pointe shoe tips come off really easily, like grishko, but some are indestructible. :)

  5. I have Russian Pointe Grandes.... Another friend told me that she had the same ones and the tips came off within the third wear.

  6. congratulations on your pointe shoes!!!!!
    I put the suade leather things on the bottom of them, and they are pretty good.

    it is nice reading your blog!


  7. congrats on your first pointes!!! my satin wears off really quickly so now i just cut it off and coat the edges with super glue so it won't fray. :) i thinking darning might be a better way that would take more time.