Sunday, May 1, 2011

In a trance....

Anyone else stay up all night Thursday? I thought so. There is something magical about a royal wedding sleepover...........

Everything in my life seems so unfair after I witnessed a regular girl becoming a princess like that! (i was snapping)

At least I have the special book-thingy about the wedding.

Isn't he dreamy????

Most of my friends are swooning over Harry. But not me.

Umm, why couldn't have at least combed his hair for the royal occasion?

Did anyone else see Harry's little peek during the wedding? I did. My friends and I kept rewinding and trying to figure out what he said. We finally agreed on "Dude, she's hot!"

Who are you in trance from? William or Harry?


  1. haha, sounds like you all had fun :) i really enjoyed all the royal wedding hype, i need to buy myself one of the picture books, because i always flip through them at the grocery store :)