Tuesday, November 29, 2011

oh. boy.


I go through a long bout of being unpredictably silent. Oh, me. Why are you so fickle? One moment you LUURRRVVVV blogging, and the next you don't post for a month!!!

Aye Aye Aye.

At times like these I wish I was a pirate.

here is what happened since my last post:

1. HALLOWEEN. I went as none other than Jack Sparrow.
2. I went to DisneyWorld. (fun stuff)
3. I went to the mountains for a weekend.
4. I had Thanksgiving dinner with my best friends and their family.
5. I got sick.
6. I watched every Disney Princess movie in a row.
7. I am watching last year's Spring Concert with my 6 year old sister while she sings every single song. Did I mention she has Ethel Merman's voice?? Yeah, I have a headache in places I have never had them before.
7. I decided to blog while I still have the chance.
8. Did I mention I haven't been at school for 3 weeks? vacation + Thanksgiving break + sickies = i'm gonna get smacked with reality like a one-eyed porcupine.


So, while I veg out on the couch with oreos and ballet concerts, I decided to get stuff done. Pointless stuff that means a lot to me. Like blogging and making a work-out routine. My all-time biggest excuse for working out it that I don't have a routine. Well, while I still have time, I am making one!! I will post later when it is finished! I hope that some of you will take the pledge with me :)


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  1. It helps to make a routine. It has been easier for me to stick to working out since I made one.