Monday, December 13, 2010

A Little Step into Victorian Heaven.......

Have you ever had high tea?

I've never done it before this weekend, when the Woodland Fairies participated in the most memorable party of my life.

This year, our studio is putting on the production of Snow White in January. I was cast as a Woodland Fairy. This weekend, our ballet teacher took us to a quaint house in a small subdivision to have a tea party. Before we stepped inside, I thought it was just going to be a rinky-dinky tea party with store-bought cookies and cupcakes.

But when we walked into the house, we were surrounded by vintage decorations of all sorts. No matter where you turned your head, there was something new to look at. In the grand entrance (front hallway), there were things for sale, anything from dainty teacups, to loaf candles.

In the room to the right, our table was set up. the room was lovely, with a gorgeous garland above to doorway, and several china hutches filled with antiques. Our table had a beautiful centerpeice; dazzling flowers with tiny fairies snoozing among the leaves.

In the next room, several more tables were set up, each one with a delicate design. Some seated five, while on ewas set up for two little girls. Although we were the only people there, my mind was incredibly noisy, with thinking about all of the wonderful things.

Sonn after arriving, it was time for tea. We sat down at the table, all 10 of us, and began the first course. Scones with tiny chocolate chips on top were served, along with pomegranate-blueberry sparkling water and "Christmas in a Cup" tea. With the scones, clotted cream and lemon curd was served.

When we were finished, a double-sided platter was brought out. This course was called savory and sweet. As you can imagine, one side of the platter was filled with savory treats, while the other side, sweet. The savory side had three delicious snacks. The first was an apple-quiche, and how good it was! The next sandwich was a cucumber acorn; a small acorn-shaped sandwich stuffed with cream cheese and cucumbers. The last part of the savory side were tiny sandwiches with ham and a special sauce.

After finishing the savory side, small plates of fruit kabobs were placed on the table, "to ready the taste buds for the sweet side". The sweet side was delightful, but even though there was very little (it was high tea, after all), I could hardly finish. The sweet platter consisted of three more treats. The first was a little red velvet cupcake dipped in a creamy chocolate ganache and topped with a light cream cheese frosting. Next was a spritz cookie in the shape of a Christmas tree and covered in green icing. And last but not least, a Victorian treat. A small pie completely made of cake crumbs and jam was my favorite part of the meal.

Afterwards, we walked around the house and looked at the beautiful things. I had to leave to the bathroom (or, "powder room", as it was labeled), an wipe the tears off my face. Everything was so beautiful, I was crying.

Well, that's how I spent my weekend. Or, Saturday, at least. Sunday I got Strep Throat and I am still suffering. As I am coughing out these last words, I am wondering what you did this weekend......

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Yeah, I had a high tea the other week. Infact, I was one of the pianists at the high tea. It was a lot of fun - I highly recommend having one.

    Strep Throat - sounds horrible, hope you feel better soon!

    Izi xoxoxo