Friday, October 26, 2012

geez louise.

oh boy.

i'm a mess.

i have abandoned you once again.

so i ask to trespass upon your hospitality in hopes that you would accept me once again as the loving author of this bloggety blog.


1. I had a birthday. And let me just say so far this new year is pretty much NOT what I was hoping. DON'T GROW UP, CHILDREN! IT'S A TRAP!
2. I quit ballet for Irish Dance.
3. I quit Irish Dance for ballet.
4. I went camping.
5. I got an abhorrent case of poison ivy. Nasty nasty stuff.
6. I decided to put a little magic in my life and start blogging again!

so...... yeah. life of a ballerina. pretty uneventful, yet most agreeable.

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