Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simple Tips to Simple Steps


1. When doing demi plies, imagine a smiley-face sticker on the arch of your foot. Put one on your shoes, if you like. To prevent rolling forward, try not to "squish" the smiley face.
(couldn't find a smiley face sticker ;) )

2. While going down into grand plies, imagine yourself going up in an airplane. This will make your way down smoother and your abs and chest pulled up.

3. PUCKER POWER! This applies to ALL ballet steps but mostly plies. You need to suck in your stomach, but please don't stop breathing. You'll turn blue in the face like I did if you stop breathing. As my teacher says, "Imagine eating a lemon, and sucking in your cheeks. That's what you need to do with your stomach."

4. When doing grand plies, don't go down so far that you are sitting on your heels. Watch in the mirror and line the bottom of your leotard up with your knees.



1. Imagine that you are wear a romantic-style tutu. Try to move the tutu as less as you can. the only part that is moving is your leg.

2. As my teacher says, "Keep your headlights facing straightforward!" This mean keeping your hips square and still is key to battements. Your hips are the "headlights", so keep the facing forwards.

3. Time to bring Mr. Smiley out again! When pointing your foot, keep your foot facing out, and Mr. Smiley facing front. This helps with turnout.



1. Keep your knees straight! It will be a lot harder on you if you don't.

2. Hold your leg as high as your can. Don't dangle it down low, this will make your leg feel a lot heavier and it will be harder to hold it there.

3. Try to feel the energy running through to your pointed foot. This will help you hold your leg higher and prouder, not droopy and sad.


*A Step Higher*

Tour Jetes: Imagine your self landing in arabesque, even is you don't. This will improve the leg movement and the height. Remember, tour jetes are not traveling steps, just jumps.

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