Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Student Shoes

Here is a very useful list of student pointe shoes from The Pointe Book by Janice Barringer and Sarah Schlesinger

Angelo Luzio NO5z
Bloch Aspiration
Bloch SO105 Aspiration
Bloch SO130 Sonata
Bloch SO131 Serenade (I have several friends who use this shoe)
Bloch SO132 Sylphide
Bloch SO141 Serenade V
Capezio Pavlowa
Capezio Plie I
Capezio Plie II
Chacott Coppelia II
Chacott Elvira
Diamond Pointe
Freed Studio I
Freed Studio II
Gaynor Minden
Grishko 2007
Leo's Pas de Deux Pointe 1
Mark Suffolk Solo
Prima Soft Gala
Principal D
Principal F
Russian Pointe Polette
Sansha Lyrica
Sansha Partenaire or Partner
Sansha Recital
Sansha Soprano
So' Danca Advance
So' Danca Performance
So' Danca Equilibre
So' Danca Special Line
So' Danca Danseuse
So' Danca Cinderella
So' Danca Marie

Remember, this does NOT replace trying on pointe shoes. This is a list of shoes that are better suited for beginners.

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