Monday, January 17, 2011

After 9.5 hours of rehearsals, I'm pretty wrecked.

Any Suggestions?

Hot Chocolate......Bubble Bath.........A BIGGER PAIR OF BALLET SHOES?!?!?!

I decided to practice what I preach, and did one of my own little shoe tests. All five were yes. Time for a new pair :)


  1. My pointe shoes broke tonight. Snapped in the demi pointe...I'd felt it coming for a couple of lessons. The good thing is I get new pointe shoes, the bad thing is I have to break them in, sew them etc etc...

  2. That stinks, doesn't it? My newest shoes are dead, and my old ones have a hole in the toe, and the drawstring stick out of it. Talk about looking professional! ;)

    One of my best ballet buds is the Queen in Snow White (our winter production), and just got new pointe shoes this weekend. Did I mention that the shows start Friday next week? YIKES!

    I just love it when I get feedback from my readers ;) The stories are always fun to hear about! (except snapping shoes)

  3. Hannah, i have had the SAME thing happened to me! i was just doing eleves (sp?) at the barre, and BAM, my right pointe shoe's shank broke in half! during that same class, the other one broke as well! i was so mad because i had gotten them to wear in my dance recital, luckily, i had some other ones.

    another crazy pointe thing that had happened to me was that i got new pointe shoes for the Nutcracker. they were dead by the end of the week. my mom was so mad she had to buy me another pair! hahaha

    merde this weekend, rebecca!