Sunday, January 23, 2011

How Bent is My Knee in Attitude?

I am always trying to figure out how bent my knee should be in attitude. I have finally figured it out.

First, put your feet in coupe (front or back). Now, keeping your knee bent at the same angle, take it up to attitude. There! A perfectly bent knee.

Quick tip: When is attitude back, remember to keep your leg turned out. Imagine your knee above your foot. Reverse for front; imagine your foot above your knee.


  1. Awesome picture. Is it yours?

    Attitude often concerns me too, so that's a really helpful analogy. Usually, I know (or think) I'm doing it right because it pinches in a certain spot on my lower back!

  2. This picture is not of me, but I just wanted to find something that showed what I was trying to explain.

    I hope your attitude gets better!