Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hakuna Matata

It happens to ALL of us. We get nervous at productions or in classes or the like. Face it.

But hey, no judging.

I have simple instructions for this.

Hakuna Matata.

Yeah. No stress balls, psychologists, pills, nothing. These things just make it worse. They cloud your body and mind with artificial and harmful substances that just work to keep the nerves and feelings bottled inside, which doesn't help your case much.

Insane feet.

Just relax. I like to think of the worst and best case scenario. Examples:

Audition for a BIG part that would change your career.

Best Case Scenario: You do awesome and you get the part.

Worst Case Scenario: You do terrible and don't get the part, but learn from your mistakes and know what to look for in future auditions.

Now, looking at both the scenarios, you turn out okay in both. So why worry? Anything in between isn't going to be any worse. Statistically, being nervous actually HEIGHTENS your chance of failing. So just chill. Take some green tea with you and just, you know, hakuna matata.

Here's another example:

You are the Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty.

Best Case Scenario: You do amazing and a talent scout happens to be in the audience.

Worst Case Scenario: You forget your piece, but since you read this blog, you know that the best things to do is to improv.

See? You could see the worst case scenario as failing terrible and ending your dance career, or you could choose to look at it in this light, making you less nervous, therefore through logical reasoning, less likely to fail.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

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