Monday, June 20, 2011

How Graceful is Green Tea?

Recently I was reading a post on about the importance of Green Tea. Occasionally I drink tea, but I didn't think it was as healthy as water until I did some studying.

This is a table I created of the three main vitamins and antioxidant found in Green Tea.


If you can't read it, click on the image and it will get larger. Green Tea contains lots of vitamins, and us dancers love vitamins, don't we?

You could have a meal of Crab, swiss cheese, blackberries, potatoes, and chocolate for dessert, and you would have the same vitamins as you do in a single cup of Green Tea.

Before you get all "Well, maybe in the winter, it's hot now." You will forget. So, this summer try some iced Greed Tea. Brew some up, and pour it onto some ice. It tastes the same, same vitamins, but it's summertime! We can't be walking around the house with a cup full of hot tea! We might melt!

What's even better that iced Green Tea is Green Tea Ice Cream. Yum........ If anyone has a good recipe for it, please tell me! I will be testing....

If you drink at least one cup of tea (not including ice cream) per day, I can guarantee that you will see an improvement in your dancing. Depending on your body, it might not be big, but it will be an improvement.

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