Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Product Review: Ez Buns

Alright, I promised you that surprise review.......................... Ez Buns!

I wore Ez Buns for my "Day of Dance" at my studio. To tell the truth....... I was worried whether or not it would fall out. But it didn't!!! It stayed in the entire time! Because we had so many different classes, I decided to wear the double bun (see below), so that I can take the bottom half down for contemporary, conditioning, and modern classes, while leaving it up during ballet and pre-pointe classes.

If you are planning on wearing this for ballet classes, it's best to put it up while wet. It makes the bun very smooth and it hold better. Ez buns are great for post-performance dinners or parties. I mean, you have to have the perfect Hollywood updo when you get handed that beautiful bouquet of roses!

Ez Buns come in many many many different colors!!!! I would suggest getting two Ez Buns the same color as you hair (ie. creme for blonde, red brown for brunette, etc.). If you want, you could get two more in crazy colors for everyday use! I would get two leopard ones! I happen to have two black ones, even though I am a brunette, they work for me. My over-all results of this product were wonderful.

The value of Ez Buns are excellent. They are made of velveteen fabric that stays in your hair and won't slip. They stay in all day and it takes less than a minute to throw it in my hair. Especially during the summer, my hair would get so frizzy, and would stick to my neck. On non-ballet days, I keep one in my purse, so if I get hot, I can put it up easily.

The only down side to this product is that when my hair is super tangly, and I'm too tired to brush it out (or I don't have a brush) it tugs at my hair. It will tug on random clumps of my hair, and it's pretty painful. But the solution is to reach for the pinching spots, and tug at the hair gently. this will loosen that spot of hair and it won't hurt anymore. But who knows, maybe I'm putting it in wrong!

This product is great for busy ballerinas, especially ones that are going onto pointe. All of the extra classes, late nights, early Saturday mornings........ you could use some help. But if you are more comfortable with the old pin-and-hairnet bun.......not for you.

Ready to order? Go to to order.

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  1. wow these look A-MAZ-ING!!! I just ordered two and I can't wait till they come :) Maybe I'll do a follow-up review and how-to guide when they come, and I'll be sure to link to you!