Sunday, August 29, 2010

Revisiting: Recital Coming Up? No Problem!!

Packing List:

Fine-tooth Comb
Hairnets (snoods)
Hair elastics
Any other hair supplies you need
Make-up remover
Performance Tights
Clear Nail Polish
Hairpiece (if you have one)
Nude camisole
Ballet/Pointe Shoes
3 water bottles. No Gatorade or juice. Water is the best for you.
A BIG bag. I used my suitcase to carry everything and I still had to hook my poofy costume onto it.


1. Do your performance bun and make-up at home. This will make your life a lot easier. You still need to take hair things and make-up because you might need to re-apply make-up or fix your bun.

2. Go to the high school/theatre/studio with your practice clothes on. This will keep your costume neat and clean.

3. DON'T LEAVE THE PLACE BEFORE TELLING YOUR TEACHER! I left to go get lunch and everyone was looking for me.

4. Own 2 pairs of tights. 1 pair for practice. This pair will be only for classes. 1 pair for performances. This pair will be kept clean and no holes will be in it. When you start your new year of classes, buy a new pair of performance tights and use the old performance ones for practice.

5. Take clear nail polish with you. if you have a rip in your tights, dab a little bit on it and it will fix it.

6. Buy a nude camisole, like this one. These are great for wearing underneath your costume for more coverage or warmth. Even if you do not need it with your costume, still bring it.

7. If you are bringing pointe shoes, take at least 2 pairs. You never know what might happen.

8. Bring a pair of clothes to put on afterward. I suggest a dress to air out your legs from the tights.

9. Bring healthy snacks to eat, I got very hungry. Bring things like carrots, grapes, celery, etc.

10. Do all of these things and pack all of the same things for the dress rehearsal. Pretend like it is the Recital. That's why they call it a dress rehearsal.

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