Monday, August 2, 2010

Scottish Ballet to Present Geometry and Grace

Photographer: Andrew Ross Dancers: Adam Blyde and Claire Robinson in Scènes de Ballet

This astounding and modern ballet is composed of three parts:
Scènes de Ballet, New Work presented by Val Caniporoli, and Fearful Symmetries. Each part or "mini" ballet has it's own special qualities, and this ballet is sure to please any kind of crowd.

Scènes de Ballet is a presentation that will please the more classical crowd, with it's stunning pointe work and tutus styled from runway looks. From the choreography of Frederick Ashton, Scènes de Ballet is sure to stun any kind of audience. This geometric choreography was originally created by André Beaurepaire, a Frenchman greatly influenced by Picasso's works. Ashton adapted it, and set it to dancer's bodies. Ashton wanted to create a ballet that could be seen from all angles, above, to the side, below, anywhere. His over-all goal was reached with this stunning symmetrical, but classical piece.

Val Caniporoli's world premiere of his new work will be the center of Geometry and Grace. With lustrous and flowing costumes designed by Sandra Woodall, the San Francisco Ballet choreographer is sure to deliver. Caniporoli sets the dancers in flight, to bewilder the audience.

Fearful Symmetries is an excellent finish to this ballet of symmetrical dancers. Fearful Symmetries features a moving block of colored light to cover the stage in starlight. Ashley Page's choreography first performed in 1994, and won an Olivier Award. It will be airing again for the perfect completion to this astonishing ballet.



Theatre Royal, Glasgow
September 16 - 18
Tickets: ₤13 -

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh
September 23 - 25
Tickets: ₤10 - ₤20

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen
October 1 & 2
Tickets: ₤12.50 - ₤22.50

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
October 8 & 9
Tickets: ₤9 - ₤19.50

Photographer: Andrew Ross Dancers: Eve Mutso and Erik Cavallari in Fearful Symmetries

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