Monday, July 12, 2010

15 Things to Do this Summer

I was reading Dance Advantage yesterday, and I saw that they had posted 15 Ways to Activate Brain and Body During Summer Break. How neat? So I checked it out. And I had an idea to do my own version of it. Enjoy!

1. Dance Everyday. What better way to stay fit? Anywhere! Inside, outside, down empty isles of Old Navy (that's the best place ;) ), anywhere at all! I suggest doing an hour of ballet per day, in the morning focusing on your ankle strength, and the afternoon, barrework and centrework. See Daily Routine to fit to your daily happenings.

2. Protein! A lot of ballet websites and blogs will tell you to not eat meat or nuts, because they are extremely fattening. This is partially true, but if you eat protein wisely, it can benefit your body. If you are hungry in the middle of the day, have 17-20 nuts, believe me, a little goes a long way. Try having and egg for breakfast, too.

3. Summer Reading. You can choose from Dance Advantage's list of biographies, or you can choose from my reading list that I have posted.

4. Enjoy Dance on Vacation. Before you leave for your holiday, check out the ballet theatres and performances in that area. As soon as you find out where you are going on vacation, try to book good seats early. You can get good prices, too.

5. Take a Summer Intensive Class. I am taking one, and I love it! This is a great way to stay fit, and keep from getting rusty when the season returns. Your studio probably has one, but there are plenty of classes at new studios to try for the summer.

6. Take up a Summer Sport. Swimming is the one sport that most compliments ballet. It exercises important muscles for the ballet season. Biking is also good for staying fit over summer.

7. Start a Blog! I got bored this summer, so I started a blog! I LOVE blogging! If you start one, please tell me about it!

8. Start Keeping Up with Ballet Blogs. One thing that I do, is have a Google Reader. It is wonderful. I can read all of my favorite blogs, without having to go to the different sites! It is is good way to be updated, and organized with reading ballet blogs. You can see a list of ballet blogs to the right of the page.

9. Foot Care. As ballerinas, we need to keep our feet in really good shape. How about a foot transformation over the summer? Here is a list of supplies.

10. Redecorate. Dress up your room with a dance poster! Over at Behind Ballet, the prize for the comment of the month is a poster with Luke Ingham and Vivienne Wong. Check it out here.

11. Have a Movie Night. Grab a couple of ballet buddies, some popcorn, and your favorite ballet movies. So much fun. One of my faves is Ballet Shoes (based on the book).

12. You Guys get to Make up the Next Three. I would love your input on this list!


  1. Hi Rebecca! I recently found your blog, and I love it :) I started a blog too this summer and its so much fun! I'm going to go swim now, a certain someone told me it was good for ballerinas ;)

  2. Hi Chloey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your blog, too!

  3. Hey! I'm Chacha, I commented on your Q & A thing (which was awesome). As it happens, I'm also a late ballet starter, and I know EXACTLY how you felt. This is an awesome list, I just started a blog too! And I loved all your other ideas too! For the next 3, I'd say stay hydrated and go swimming! And other water activities!