Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday's Ballet: The Firebird

This Week's ballet is The Firebird, an enchanting story about a prince trapped in a forest, and with the help of a beautiful firebird, they hatch a witty plan to save the day.

Leanne Benjamin as The firebird

The ballet opens in the deep forest, where Prince Ivan is lost. Little does he know that he is trapped in the evil sorcerer Kostchei's enchanted garden. Suddenly, through the bushes he sees a beautiful firebird, her feathers as bright as fire itself.

He sneaks up on the Firebird, and captures her. In a frantic to be set free, she offers him a feather, which he can call her through whenever he is in danger, in exchange for freedom. Prince Ivan agrees, and the Firebird flies away.

Prince Ivan continues to try to escape the forest, when he comes to a towering gate to an old castle. He then finds 12 maidens, led by the beautiful Tsarevna. Tsarevna tells Prince Ivan that the castle belongs to Kostchei, who casts a spell on every passerby. Dawn is coming, and Tsarevna and the maidens must return to the castle, but not before sharing a kiss with Prince Ivan.

Even though he was warned by Tsarevna and the maidens, he followed them to the castle. When he enters the castle, a bell goes off, and an army comes pouring out of the castle. Emerging from the crowd is Kostchei, and Prince Ivan is realizing what trouble he is in.

Kostchei is trying to turn Prince Ivan into stone, but he is waving the Firebird's feather in front of him. The Firebird soon appears with the following instructions: he must search through the castle to find a great egg containing Kostchei's soul and throw it to the ground to kill Kostchei.

He executes the plan, and the Firebird, Prince Ivan, Tsarevna and the maidens were saved. In the end, Prince Ivan and Tsarevna fall in love and have a joyous wedding in the middle of the forest.

I hope you liked Wednesday's ballet! Come back tomorrow for Thursday's Inspire!

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