Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tips: Bag Organization

Today, I am going to tell you a little bit about Bag Organization. As ballerinas, we need to keep or bags neat and clean for ballet class. A messy ballet bag might spill out things and take you a while to find your shoes.

I just bought some fabric to sew a ballet bag. Here are some swatches and the pattern:





Like it? It's supposed to be a diaper bag.............but since it's so organized with all of the pockets and all, why couldn't it be a ballet bag? I loved these fabrics for the fall. In case you were wondering, the pattern is Amy Butler's Everything Bag from Little Stitches for Little Ones.

I also want to make a couple of water bottle holders with the matching fabric.

water bottle holder

To make sure you have everything before you leave for class, and to make sure you never leave anything at the studio, make a little list and attach it to your bag, or leave it inside your bag.

Hair Bag
Small Towel
2 Water Bottles
Ballet Shoes
Pointe Shoes
Mesh Bag and pointe accessories
Change of Clothes
Notebook (just in case)

Now, let me go into detail:

Hair Bag: this is a small bag to keep random things in like

Bun covers

Small Towel: for sweat

2 Water Bottles: It is important to drink water and only water in class. Not some Gatorade Orange Power-Drink.

Ballet Shoes: If you have 2 pairs, take both. You never know what could happen.

Pointe Shoes: same

Mesh bag and pointe accessories: Mesh bag is for shoes at the end of class. These bags let the shoes get aired out, if sweat sinks in, it will ruin the shoe. Pointe accessories as needed.

Change of Clothes: A lot of dancers like to change their clothes after ballet class, which is what I do. I hate wearing tights, so I normally bring shorts or a sundress to put on to let my muscles breathe.

Notebook: You might find something that you have learned from class that you want to post on your blog.

There you have it! Bag Organization!

A few last tips:

Remember to pack your bag before you begin to get dressed for ballet. That way, you can just head straight out the door.

As soon as you get home from ballet, refill your water-bottle halfway with water, then stick it in the freezer. That way, the day of ballet, you can fill the rest up with water, and the already-frozen water will begin to melt, and become drinkable water, and still be cold!

I hope you liked today's Tuesday's Tips! Come back tomorrow for Wednesday's Ballet!


  1. Hi! :) I loved the bag post I am so going to use it! Speaking of pointe shoes... could you maybe do an article about pointe for Wednesday's Ballet? Like, on how to get onto pointe and how to strengthen your feet for it? Because my teacher said she wasn't sure whether or not I'd go on pointe in the near future, and I really want to go on! How can I strengthen myself so I can?