Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taking Criticism

One thing that every late-blooming ballerina will come across, is criticism. Especially as you get older, your teacher will really press down and criticize you;

1. Because you are older, and most likely the oldest in your class, you are more capable of steps. While it may seem like your teacher is only picking on you, it's because as you improve as a dancer, your teacher will expect more from you. It will seem as though she is getting continually harder on you. While very stressful, this is a necessary part of becoming an accomplished dancer.

2.Because as the class matures and you are in more and more dances, she expects a certain behavior in the studio, s that all the dancers can concentrate fully. She expects, since you are older, that you don't fool around, don't talk in class, and take the class seriously.

3. Because she has a schedule to keep, She doesn't have time to discuss whether or not you were talking in class. Even if you were talking about the step, she has to jump to conclusions to keep the class running. And, part of Class Etiquette, don't argue with your teacher. The only words will be questions about the step before you start. This will help the class run smoothly, and you can accomplish more than you set out to do.

Out of personal experience, you need to learn to treat ballet class as a privilege. You can't treat class like the drudgery of the week. Don't just quit because the teacher has been a little harsh or misjudged you. Just, take criticism as a warning for the next class, which is pretty much all it is. Don't take it as a insult, or public humiliation. Believe me, for every tough teacher you have, there's a meaner one out there. Be grateful for what you have, or you might wind up with Attila the Hun in pointe shoes!

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