Monday, June 13, 2011

Princess Camp Diaries: Day 1

First day of Princess Camp off my plate! Whew! It actually went pretty easily.......

When each camper arrived, they were led to a room where there were coloring pages and crayons for them to draw with. Each camp counselor was assigned two campers to be "buddies" with. I was assigned two young campers named Jadah (Jay-duh) and Lucy. Jadah got there first, so I sat down and drew Snow White. Shortly after, Lucy arrived and we drew the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Afterwards, we were called in to begin camp. Our first activity was movement games led by Emma and Maggie, two twin sisters in my level. We played "Princess May I?" (Mother May I?) and "Frog, Frog, Princess" (Duck, Duck, Goose). After that, we began our stretching, also led by Emma and Maggie.

And finally, it was my turn. I got to lead the entire ballet class. SO fun! We first started with barre, plies, tendus, echappe, etc. Nothing too complicated.

But when we got to corner work, then the princess stuff began! We began with skipping, one way across the floor. To get back to the other side, we ran and leaped over pointe shoes. Next, we practiced our princessy ballet walks on a high demi-pointe, one way across the floor. After this was everyone's favorite. A fellow camp counselor, Kiera, volunteered to be a prince. She got in the center set one hand on her "sword", puffed up her chest, and had a very princey look on her face. All of the campers were laughing. Once the laughter died down, they walked on their tip toes to the "prince" took "his" hand, walked around "him", and then gracefully walked offstage. So cute!

My ballet class was over. Sadly, it was the only ballet class I will teach this week. But I did choreograph the finale that they will perform this Friday. After ballet class, we had a snack, and we all sat around our beautiful throne (will post pics) and listened to Kiera give a devotional.

The camp counselors each picked out two costumes (old ones that my teacher had brought) and gave one to each of their buddies. I gave Lucy a pink satin tutu, with a bow on the bodice. I gave Jadah a purple Rapunzel dress. They did a little free dance, and then we started choreography. The two dances were taught today. On Friday, there will be a ball, and three dances will be performed. A dance with younger girls, older girls, and a finale with all of them. I choreographed the finale. Today, I helped teach the older girls.

After this, we took their costumes off, and we headed into the back room the make crafts. Today, we put little foam flowers in little flower pots. After THIS, we headed back into the studio, and played games until their parents arrived.

All of this took about 3 hours.

hfbghfghghghfhfghfhghfhgh! (I was trying to whistle)

Sorry no pics today. I forgot my camera ;)

I will take pictures tomorrow!

Until then!
(did you notice this wasn't a late post?)

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