Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shopping for Leotards

Warning: this is a post for girls ONLY!!

Ugh. Shopping for leotards. Everyone hates it. Ugh. Double ugh.

I can help you search for leotards by following these simple rules, online and in stores.

My all-time favorite online dance store is discount dance. It has trust-able products at affordable prices. Nuff said.

The best brand out there is Eurotard, which Discount dance does not sell unfortunately. I own 4 leotards currently, two of which are Eurotard, 1 is Body Wrappers, and 1 is Capezio. To be honest, I dread wearing the Body Wrappers and Capezio. It's horrible.

This is the Capezio one I own. It has no shelf lining at all. Shelf lining is the extra piece of fabric on the front of the leotard for extra support. You ALWAYS want extra lining.

Plus, This on has a very funky bust seam. It bunches and twists all weird.

This is the other one I have. I hate wearing this one even more. Where do I start? This one did not have lining, only in the bust area, so it is not firm around the stomach area. This lining was described as "supportive". HUH! It's not at all. While I was dancing, The sides kept slipping inwards, and somethings that were not meant to be exposed were almost exposed. To keep it from slipping, I had to sew the straps, which were loose. It still slips. The back is very low, which I prefer, but there is also very little fabric around the rear area. The elastic around the leg holes is very tight, which makes a odd lumpy figure on my seat. Save yourself, don't buy any Body Wrappers Leotards. I also bought a nude camisole which is the same way. Yeesh.

Save everyone else, too. Have you ever tried Natalie, Dance Department, or any other brand? Have you had better luck on other websites? Write a review! Comment or post the link here on this post and it will be shared for everyone else!


  1. Okay, I admit, shopping for leotards is no dancers favorite thing. (understatement of the year!!) The leotards I have are Danceskin, Eurotard, and Capezio. My favorite is definitely the Eurotard. It fits perfectly and is comfortable in all the right places. My Capezio is nude and has a small lining, but it works because I wear it under costumes and such. Word of Advice: NEVER LET YOUR MOM BUY YOUR LEOTARD. Ever. I love my mom, but if you aren't there to pick it out, they're clueless. <3

  2. Leotards are definitely my least favorite part of dance..sometimes i wish we could take class in pretty know, like in the 1800s :)