Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Princess Camp Diaries: Day 2

Second day down! Three more to go..........

The campers came one by one, and they sat down and colored. Jadah, Lucy, and I colored The Firebird and Sylvia.

Like Monday, we were led onto the marley after coloring. Emma and Maggie led us in some games and stretching.

Today, Kiera taught the ballet class. I felt bad because all of the little campers wanted me to teach it, but they had fun anyways.

Kiera led them in some skips, leaps, ballet walks, and some free dances.

Like Monday, we had snack, and then we did a devotional with Alaina.

Our little girls were really eager to get all costumed-up, so we picked out their costumes, and then I taught them my dance. Because it was longer than the others, I wasn't able to finish it.

After this, we took their costumes off, and we headed into the back room the make crafts. Today, we made cards for loved ones. Jadah was hiding her card from me, because she made it for me. So sweet!

All of this also took about 3 hours.

Yesterday I promised pictures. Today I left my camera (memory card) at the studio. Sorry!

Post again tomorrow!

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