Friday, June 17, 2011

Princess Camp Diaries: Day 5

Last day! I will definitely miss my little girls!

I have decided that the post above you will be a post of pictures. I don't want to re-edit the other posts.

Yesterday, my teacher gave me all of the little girls' coloring pages. I have a binding machine at my house, so last night I bound all of them together with a personalized cover for each girl.
This is Elle's cover.... can you tell?

I brought the coloring book this morning, and today the campers drew a picture of themselves on a blank page in the back.

You know the routine already, games, stretching, ballet class. Next was snack, and after that our dance teacher gave a devotional. After talking with our little campers, we practiced each dance once or twice.

Finally, it was time for the performance. All of the moms and dads arrived and took seats outside the marley floor. The first dance to be performed was Maggie's dance with Isabella, Elle, Lilly, Gracie, Kariss, and Meredith. These were the younger dancers, ages 4-5. They danced to a song from the Beauty and the Beast, "Something There". Alaina helped with that dance.

Next was Savannah's dance with Jadah, Nedage, Lucy, Marin, Hailey, and Erica. These were the older campers, 6-8. They danced to "Ever After" by Carrie Underwood from the movie "Enchanted". I helped with this dance.

Yes! It was my dance! The finale! It went perfect. We waltzed through Belle, swam through Ariel, swept through Cinderella, skipped through Snow White, and napped through Briar Rose. It went easily without any falling, tripping, or yelling. It was so cute!

After the performance, we gave our little campers their boxes, and talked about what good princess qualities they had. Over the week, we had been slipping little rewards into decorated boxes when a little camper shared, helped, cleaned up, etc. The week before the camp counselors had a huge sleepover while we decorated the boxes.

Then we had to clean up. ughgh. But it went pretty fast with all of us working. Afterwards, we had lunch, then we went home. Then, I wrote this post. Tada!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual princess camp! Pictures above!

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