Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Perfect Ballet Body

Let me introduce a new part of Plies, Class is in Session. This is where I let the lectures that bubble inside of me loose. Just Kidding. I am going to be your "Educator" for numerous things. No, I believe in self education, so actually you will be your educator. You will read my thoughts, and then brew on them until you do something about it that makes you happy. Let's get started!

Our first class is about the perfect ballet body. Don't click that red button in the right upper corner. Just don't. This post will benefit everyone who reads it. Trust me.

Take notes! They will come in use when you are feeling down. Keep them in your ballet bag. When taking notes, make little bubbles. Bubbles make me happy.

Bubble #1: No perfect ballet body.

It's true. If you think about it, there is no such thing as a perfect ballet body. But there is such a things as a beautifully translated body whilst dancing. See the difference? If you don't, I will tell you. A perfect ballet body is something you may never acquire, but you can control a beautifully translated body whilst dancing. This is not to be confused with "lying" to everyone. That is not a good quality for a dancer to have.

Bubble #2: Use, don't clench.

When dancing, you use muscles, correct? When muscles are used, they change shape, correct? very rarely do they make you look heavier. For example, your abs. When you look in the mirror, and turn to the side, lift you shirt up. I'm not one of those idiots who just tell you to "embrace your body the way it is, because it will never change". Look at your stomach relaxed. Not everyone's is a pretty sight. Now, use your abs. Don't suck in your stomach, don't clench. Just use them to hold a beautiful alignment.

Bubble #3: The Healthy You.

Even though I cannot see you, you probably look 100% better than you did relaxed. Now, Don't walk around everywhere with your abs clenched, that's not what I'm getting at. And don't suck your stomach in either. Sucking in your stomach and using your abs do the same thing, but they have a different result. They both make you appear thinner. But using your abs makes you look healthier, not thinner, not heavier.

Bubble #4: (choose your own) Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, or Elegant

When choosing your body type, you can't lose! The best way to choose you body type, is something called a Missus Smarty Pants ID Me. Let me walk through the 5 basic body types. I am going to use the descriptions from the website. All credit to MSP.

Your legs are slim and your bottom isn't very big or round. You have hips that are narrow. Your torso is straight with little waist definition. Your shoulders also appear wider than your hips. Your bust is usually small to medium. You would like to have more feminine curves.

Many people envy your shape, but you're not sure what to wear to look your best. A Personal Profile will show you how the right clothes can really add the feminine curves you want!

(This is my body shape)

You have a feminine shape, but sometimes your clothes make you appear heavier than you are. You're not always sure what styles are best to play up your assets.

Your legs are fairly shapely and your bottom is rounded. Your curvy hips balance with your shoulders. Your waist is defined to undefined. Your bust is usually average to full.

Your hourglass shape is the desire of most women, but knowing how to dress it will get your looking your best everyday!

Your bottom half is larger than your shoulders. You carry most of your weight below your waist. Your waist is defined to slightly undefined.

This is a PLUS size body type.

Your legs, hips and bottom are ample. You may have some waist definition. Your shoulders are average to smaller compared to your lower body. You carry most of your weight in your lower half.

You want coverage, but don't want to skimp on style. MSP knows the fashion industry is only now realizing what REAL women look like! MSP will get you up-to-date and delightful!

This is a PLUS size body type.

Your legs are fairly shapely to full. Your waist may have some indentation to undefined. Your bust is usually full and your shoulders broad.

See how pleasant it is? I am proud of being a "B"eautiful person! Have you noticed that none of these REAL body types are ballet bodies? hhmmm......

You are a beautiful person. You may not be as strong, tall, thin, graceful, or pretty as the dancer next to you, but you are beautiful, inside and out. The world or your classmates don't determine how beautiful you are, you do.

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