Friday, June 24, 2011

Soon I will post a tutorial. I prepared one for you, but then I found out that someone has made something exactly like it, and I wanted to avoid getting accused of stealing it. But I will give you one. Unless I get paralyzed, decapitated, lose an arm, leg, or any other valuable body part, receive an iron lung, have a heart transplant, get in a car wreck, get amnesia, break my ankle, get appendicitis, or something possible but not likely happens.

I swear on my very own pas de chats.


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Hey, I recently got Google Buzz, and I was wondering if you would like to follow me on it. Simply type the following into Google:

    Izi (awesome) Google Profiles

    There is a URL, but it's sooo long and complicated that it's not worth it. Typing in the Izi (awesome) etc .... into Google is FARRRR easier!

    Hope to see you there. And I've really been enjoying all your posts!

    Izi :)

  2. Hi Izi!

    I deleted my account a long time ago... for a very serious reason.

    I began getting followers that I did not know, and they just kept coming and coming. I eventually deleted my account. I feel so much safer now!

    I'm not saying that Buzz is bad, but be careful of letting you profile information loose. ;) Don't worry, I will do no harm to it!

    Thanks for being such a great follower!