Thursday, June 16, 2011

Princess Camp Diaries: Day 4

Whew! I am sooooo tired!

Today was as usual, we colored, I made Cinderella and a dancer from our recent concert. We played free dance and made a straddle split "pizza". Kiera taught the ballet class again today, and Savannah did music. After barre, they did skips and leaps, and all of the camp counselors did a combination for the little girls.

After ballet class, we all had a huge tea party (once again I will post pictures later because I left my camera at the studio). We had small treats like cupcakes, cookie, brownies, and rice crispy treats. We also had sugar cubes and cream to go along with it.

After tea, we read stories and took pictures of the campers on the throne (pictures!). We went over the dances, and then played games until all of the parents got there.

four days down, one to go! aaahhhhh...

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