Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Princess Camp Diaries: Day 3

Third day... this post might be a bit bare...

Once again, we colored while everyone waited. Lucy, Jadah, and I drew Coppelia this time.

Same as yesterday, we stretched and played movement game that had a princess theme.

Savannah led today's ballet class. I helped with her music.

My mind is kind of blurred right now, I can't exactly remember what we did in the center, but it was most likely skips, leaps, runs, twirls, anything princessy. I know that the play Rocks in the Garden, a freeze-dance game.

After a short snack and some lemonade, we listened to Kiera give the devotional again, and we played Frog, Frog, Princess with the campers.

After practicing their individual dances, the older and younger campers joined to learn the end of my dance. My song is The Princess Dance on Disney Princess Tea Party.

For a craft, we traced our camper feet in first position, which, because of their poor turnout, made the shape of a heart. They then decorated it with stickers and crayons.

Sorry about a small post, my memory is kinda wiped today. I'm super tired.

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